The EuChemS Chemistry Congress is the largest European chemistry congress. It is held every other year in a different European country. Events so far have taken place in Budapest, Torino,Nuremberg,Prague,Istanbul,Seville, and now in Liverpool, hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). “Chemistry has been our past, is our present,…
EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award 2018 The industrial complex ofABEAin Crete has been awarded the EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award in recognition of its role in fostering a deep link between chemistry and local cultural heritage. ABEA and the important chemical discoveries and developments that were tied to it successfully exemplify the…
SHARE YOUR OUTSTANDING PHOTO We invite you to share colorful photos related to chemistry with our readers. Perhaps you are fascinated by a crystal or the color of a solution, or by the arrangement of your lab equipment or your notes, ... Surprise us and our readers with your creativity.…
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